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After I wrote yesterday’s entry, I did indeed go for a swim-float in the pool. While I was floating and, as usual, musing, something came through. I say it came through, because I was not thinking hard or even focusing. It came through in the same way melodies come through.  The words just popped out:

Today, I give up looking intelligent

I am as intelligent as I am

And that is all that matters

It wasn’t just the words that impacted me. It was the energy that came through with them; a true release of chasing after better from the perspective that I am not enough. It was a full release of wanting to be something other, for someone else, for some convoluted reason having to do with belonging, being loved, earning my keep. You know what I’m talking about, right?

I surrender. I give up the charade. I’m tired. Keeping up appearances (while probably not fooling anyone) is exhausting.

I began to play with this little poetic-mantra-chant-intention with a fill-in-the-blanks approach.  I found that with each iteration I felt myself relax more and more into the present moment. I felt totally supported by the water; resting in the arms of the Divine.

Here’s a few I played with:

Today, I give up looking beautiful

I am as beautiful as I am

And that is all that matters

Today, I give up looking successful

I am as successful as I am

And that is all that matters

Today, I give up looking creative

I am as creative as I am

And that is all that matters

I questioned the ending. Typical, right? Hear a message and question it. Should I end it with “and that is enough?”

Wow! There it is. No sooner are the words out of my mouth than I find myself wanting to LOOK GOOD again. All this fear around what others will think.

Here’s the thing. It’s a mystery how it came to me. It is a mystery precisely what “and that is all that matters” really means. Why mess with it? What does it mean to you? Is what it means more important than how it makes me feel?

It’s so nice and simple, I even wonder if I am just remembering something I read somewhere else in the hundreds of books and articles I’ve read. (If you recognize it, please set me straight so I can give credit. I recognize the similarity to the Reiki prayer and that might be why it sounds familiar.)

At any rate, it works for me and the timing is right. With a full solar eclipse today, the longest one of the 21st century, comes the opportunity to release that which no longer serves and turn our attention to converting our ideas into action.

(Kathy J Loh)

photo: Kathy J Loh

If I let go of looking something in favor of being something I already am, I can spend a whole lot less time searching, a whole lot less time resisting and much more time enjoying (in-joy-ing) life.

So here’s your fill-in-the-blanks opportunity to do the same:

Today, I give up looking _________________

I am as __________________ as I am

And that is all that matters.

What are the words that work for you in the blanks?

What are your trigger points?

Out of curiosity, I played with it a little and discovered that it probably doesn’t matter what words we use. Our choices point us toward where we hold ourselves hostage; our particular method for handcuffing ourselves.

Because,  it  boils down to this:

Today, I give up looking

I am as I am

And that is all that matters

(My creative muse sees there’s plenty more fun to be had in further reduction.)

Looking forward to your comments!

copyright(c)July 2009, Kathy J Loh, All Rights Reserved

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