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You’ll see a few more posts from me in December than usual. I’m participating in #Reverb10 which is a blog challenge with over 2000 participants. We receive a daily prompt, we write about it and we visit the blogs of a few other participants. I invite you to add your blog to the list and if you don’t have one, feel free to participate by leaving a comment here with your own response to the prompt.

I’m already three days late to the party and I’ve got my dancin’ shoes on!

Day 1  (Dec  1st) –  What is one Word that encapsulates 2010 and the one you’d like to be writing encapsulated 2011 a year from now.

I sat here staring at the page. What word, what word….




Shift (with some joke about taking out the f)?

Oh heck, let’s see what the Mystery tells me it is.

I pull out the dictionary, open randomly and point blindly.


That’s my word! (?)

Hmmmm ….  I read the definitions and the last one hits the nail on the head:

“the disturbing effect of new learning on the performance of previously learned behavior with which it is inconsistent.”

Yep – that’s my word.

I got wise to my old ways and I can’t play the games anymore. The old behaviors feel really stinky and the ones that don’t stink have been rendered impotent.

My word for 2011?

I’m voting for prosperous.

The dictionary tells me:

Supply “to satisfy the needs or wishes of.”

I can go for that. If I satisfy the needs and wishes of my clients, certainly I will prosper.

(Heads up:  I have some big plans to be revealed in future months.)

If I satisfy the needs and wishes of myself, certainly I will feel prosperous , even abundant.

Well, now, that wasn’t so hard was it?

Try it! What does the dictionary predict for you?

Day 2 – (Dec 2nd) What do you do each day that does NOT contribute to your writing and can you eliminate it?

I’m already ahead of the prompt. It was that I play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook and sometimes got lost in time when I did so. But I got a grip on myself. I quit playing, removed the app from my profile and moved on. That was about 6 weeks ago. I only felt it the first few days; a kind of gnashing of the teeth like wanting sugar, but like a sugar addiction it was a distant memory within three days.

I’m not writing more, but I am getting the files cleaned out. Maybe that will be my answer to this same prompt next year. I’m filing instead of writing….

Nope, certainly the issue is social media. Dare I say we could all afford to stop tweeting, texting, friending and start writing?

Day 3 – (Dec 3rd) Pick one moment when you felt most alive this year and describe it in detail.

Hello! That’s personal……

Truthfully, I feel most alive when I am engaged with wildlife and when I can take photos. Here are some of my most alive moments and I will let the pictures speak for me. All of these were taken in Marin and most of them around Bon Tempe Lake.

Praying Mantis copyright (c) Sep 2010 Kathy J Loh

praying mantis

Bullfrog copyright (c) Sept 2010 Kathy J Loh


Deer face copyright (c) Sept 2010, Kathy J Loh

Red Skimmer copyright (c) Sept 2010 Kathy J Loh

Red Skimmer

Turkey Vulture copyright (c) Sept 2010, Kathy J Loh

Turkey Vulture post bath

Baby Lizard copyright (c) Sept 2010 Richard A Loh

Life begins (photo: Rick Loh)

copyright (c) December 2010, Kathy J Loh, All Rights Reserved

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