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This is the Flying Bird spread as found in

The Transcendental Game of Zen – Osho Zen Tarot by Osho

I’m not a Tarot expert. I am sharing this with you here, because I was requested to do so after I blogged about it yesterday.

The left side represents feminine or Yin energy (receptive)

The right side represents masculine or Yang energy (active)

The initiator of the flight is card 1. Each successive card takes one deeper into the mystery of the question while at the same time revealing more and leading to greater clarity.

1.       Here and Now – point of departure

2.       Resistance (fear of flying)

3.       Response-ability to the fear

4.       Inner support (intuition)

5.       External support in response to intuition

6.       Relaxation and acceptance

7.       Arrival at a new level of awareness

While the spread can be used to gain clarity on an issue that is more immediate, I use it for an entire year’s spread. Then I can live into the inquiry for 365 days. So my intention, when I do the spread, is to ask what it is I am evolving into, or unfolding, over the coming year. What is the flight I’m taking? The cards in the spread point me toward what might arise from within and the actions I can take to respond to them (and vice-versa).

I use both the Osho Tarot book and the Tarot of the Spirit book to interpret my spreads. I recommend both sources for your enjoyment and potential purchase.

By the way: I highly recommend Pamela Eakins‘ courses which can be taken both in person and online. Check out her sites: Tarot of the Spirit and Lightning Spiral Mystery School.


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