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Let’s Play

I’ve finally done it.

It’s taken a couple of years of  rigorous procrastination, a few free teleconferences, some book purchases and one afternoon with WordPress to get here.

How does “several years” boil down to one afternoon?

One afternoon following one hike during which I was inspired to create a few more pages of notes to add to the giant box of notes I’ve gathered over many more hikes and long distance drives…

This is starting to sound like The House that Jack Built.

Nope, this is the blog that Kathy built and what it took to move beyond inspiration to construction was my willingness to throw away the plan. No blueprint. Just write.

Kind of like I’m living life these days. Forget the plans and just live. Might catch more of it that way.

So let’s go! As the Native American saying goes: “Life is a Great Mystery and we were meant to play in it.”

Welcome dear reader…..let’s play!

copyright(C) April 2009, Kathy Loh, all rights reserved

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