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With the help of a small pre-lit tree, borrowed from a generous friend, and a Christmas music channel on Pandora, I am beginning to feel like it might be Christmas. Which is helpful, since today is Christmas Eve.

I moved in early December and I am still getting things into place. Last night, I finally got my home theater components hooked up and in the entertainment armoire (which took a lot of reaching, bending, flexing and patience). I’m still missing the speaker wire for the sub-woofer, no boom-boom sounds for now. My printer is still offline since it was not installed to communicate with the AT&T wireless modem that AT&T insisted I buy to use instead of my perfectly good Netgear model.  (Yes, I’m complaining. AT&T has always brought out the best in me – challenging me to find my most patient and compassionate self.)

I think I have bought  two gifts. Thank goodness our family event is not until the New Year, almost.

I have had the magic of snow, the frustration of things gone missing, the unnerving of trees swaying wildly with the wind and rain and power outages that, in this neck of the woods means I can’t pump water either.  It also means I wear long-underwear and polar fleece jackets indoors.  I have had ice that dares me to go anywhere in a car and forces me to walk with tiny baby steps across my deck to the garage and laundry. I know, it’s all sissy stuff compared to what most people live with.

Today, though,  the sun is shining and I am absolutely in love with my new home. Trees make for wonderful companions. The other day, I saw two jack rabbits that came right up to my deck and peered at me through the window. Today, I saw the coyote who is their likely enemy, chasing after something down the hill in the direction from which I’d seen the rabbits come the other day. Though my first view of the coyote was right out my kitchen window, by the time I got my camera, it was weaving in and out of the trees. Coyote was so intent on the hunt, it did not even notice me as I stepped into the yard for another peek. They are fluffier and healthier looking up here than the ones I’ve seen up in the Marin Watershed.

Here are some photos of the coyote in the morning woodland fog. I did not touch them up. I like them looking as mysterious as it felt.

copyright (c) Dec 2012 Kathy J Loh All Rights reserved coyoteEnlrg

Animal sightings are pure magic for me.  My delight rises from my wild nature through my heart and out my mouth as a simple gasp and single word of surprise “coyote!”

Coyote is the trickster; reminds us of how we lie to ourselves in a way that makes rational sense. My lie was that I did not need to decorate for Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve already and I am having holiday meals at other people’s homes. Why would I go to all the trouble to get ornaments out of boxes and deck my house and then have to go to all the trouble to put it all away in a few days? Why?

Coyote reminded me of magic. There is a magic I want to feel around the holiday and there is a child in me who insists on decorating the tree. So, I listened to her. We put on the music, we chose just-right ornaments that speak to me now – most of them woodland creatures. Enchantment rose in me and illuminated my new home.

Later today, I will go for a hike with my friend who is now my neighbor. We might even go snow-shoeing which would be a new activity for me, one I look forward to experiencing.

I said I moved here because I wanted adventure. I have not been disappointed yet. It’s just the sometimes it is hard to remember that adventure is not always comfortable. There is no predicting the Mystery and yet, there is no need to wait for enchantment.

We are all magicians traveling this Full Moon Path.

What illuminates your path?

How is the Mystery speaking to you today to get you to follow it into the woods of timelessness and create a little magic of your own?

Sending you all love and enchantment!

copyright (c) Dec 2012, Kathy J Loh, All Rights Reserved

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“We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.” Ray Bradbury

This post is in celebration of:

100 blog posts

60 years on the planet

60 people who got me through some rough times

I began this blog in 2009. It was after I’d futzed around for a year trying to get up the energy to write a book. Finally, I decided to surrender the book and create a blog. The title Full Moon Path came about as a result of seeing a road in Montana named New Moon Path. I was on a road trip at the time, trying to decide what to do about my marriage, my life, my everything. I fancied owning a house in the country down a private road named Full Moon Path and I’d have a red barn, like the one in my night time dream, that housed a stage and a piano. It was a flying dream too and I floated above the barn rafters taking it all in. That was in 2004 and in 2009, I finally put the name to use. It didn’t take long for me to discover that the Full Moon Path is so much more than what it seems; 100 posts about shadow, light, cycles, navigating the unknown; the spaces between.

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will have truly defeated age.” – Sofia Loren

In June I turned 60. 60 years on this planet. 60 wonderful years well supported by a loving family, good friends, amazing educators, coaches and advisers. I was well feted with numerous phone calls, cards, gifts and dinners. I had the exquisite pleasure of spending a week in Tahoe as the guest of my coach and dear friend, Jeanine.  We hiked, explored, collaged our visions,  partied with other friends at the Ritz on Northstar and on the beach at Sand Harbor. Here are some photos from that week.

Lake Tahoe copyright(c) June 2012 Kathy J Loh

Rincon Trail Lake Tahoe

Eagle Lake - copyright (c) June 2012 Kathy J Loh

Eagle Lake

copyright c) Kathy J Loh June 2012

party crashers

copyright (c) June 2012 Kathy J Loh All Rights Reserved

Sand Harbor

I’ve lived a privileged life, a colorful life, an introspective and reflective life, a creative life, a coupled and singled life.

I’ve lived in the most beautiful places on the California Coast: San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Clemente, Marin County and Santa Cruz.

I’ve lived through my personal dark night of the soul and the karmic lessons of betrayal several times over, the kind of lessons that brought me to my knees and found me shaking my fists at the sky pleading “Please don’t ever make me come back here again!”

It’s the people in my life that form the fibers, the weaving of the supportive hammock that held me aloft, saved me from drowning,  these 60 years.

So, I sat down to come up with 60 names I want to celebrate.

The people who were the soft place to land, the homes away from home, the ones who were the first to get the call when everything fell apart, the ones who endured countless “emergency” calls after that.

The ones who helped me see who I am and what I’m made of when the people I thought loved me betrayed me, the ones who re-birthed me, nurtured me and championed me.

All of them told me the truth.

I am not naming the rogues, frenemies and lovers. They hold another position in my life and I honor them too, but they are not the focus of this particular celebration.

I am not naming my family members either, though each and every one of them holds a special place in my hammock.

I smile with tears in my eyes as I write the word celebration because I think of celebration as something with tiaras and loud noise makers, lots of people, music and dancing.

This is somehow quieter. It is this deep river of gratitude that runs through me.

It is so heart-opening to receive the beauty of being loved and cared for by so many others. Try and judge yourself as unworthy, unlovable, not enough (common core limiting beliefs) in the face of so much evidence to the contrary!

So here they are, my friends, my rescuers, my heroes and heroines; the people who were there to pick up the pieces and put them back together again. (There is no order to this whatsoever):

Joette, Lindsey, Leigh, Wendy, Ingrid,

Leslie, Brooks, Jeanine, Cyndie, Jordonna,

Jan, Val, Verna, Lil, Paul,

Kate, Arvid, Dawn, Betty, Elaine,

Mary, Trudy, Judy, Julie, Grace,

Nicki, Karen, Diana, Kathrin, David,

Jann, Jim, David, Sue, Mark,

Jamie, Kathy, Pemma, Karen, Michele,

Tina, Gerry, Cynthia, Judy, Diane,

Mikol, Elisabeth, Gini, Joan, Jean,

Henry, Patrick, David, Leza, John,

Evelyn, Robin, Keri, Margo, Camilla

Here’s to YOU!

I celebrate you beautiful spirits,

beautiful minds and hearts,

beautiful beings, who had a hand in creating me.

I celebrate your honesty, your stories,

your gifts and skills, your laughter,

your smiles, your tears and compassion.

I celebrate your strength and wisdom,

your generosity and playfulness,

your music and your poetry.

I celebrate your patience and your impatience (when you proclaimed “enough!”).

I celebrate the profound gift of being alive to experience receiving, loving and knowing you.

I celebrate you and I thank you for the immense pleasure of your majestic company on this full moon path.

copyright (c) June 2012, Kathy J Loh

A tiara was involved after all!

PS: I wrote a small note of appreciation to each of the people I named to let them know about this post. I cried for hours as I did so and today I have the swollen eyes to show for it. And, I have a softened and opened heart. I recommend this exercise to all of you. Meanwhile, I have many other friends whom I cherish and who did not have to walk the narrows with me, so may not be on this particular list. It’s just a list. This is a party to which everyone is invited.

copyright(c) July 2012, Kathy J Loh, All Rights Reserved (including images)

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