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photo: Kathy Loh

photo: Kathy Loh

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 words and images copyright (c) April 2009 Kathy Loh all rights reserved

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It’s springtime in the hills of northern California and, today, the weather is perfect. Forget-me-nots wink at me from the shaded portions of the hiking trail. Bright red Indian Paintbrush clings to the cliffs in the sunshine. Bees buzz the California Lilac and my purple jacket. I can’t imagine I smell as good as the lilac. Poison oak is crowding the pathway, drawing my attention to my footsteps. Lupin sends its brilliant purple spikes skyward.


Forget-me-nots (photo:Kathy Loh)

I love this time of year. Billowy clouds invite the imagination to discover transmutable shapes in them. I remember childhood innocence and I’m prone to dawdling. At such a pace, the whole world opens up and time is ineffective. Remember that musical “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off?” Well, today, for me, it is “stop the world I want to get on.”

My first steps on the trail were met with a piercing screech from a nearby pine. I followed it to see two Red-tailed Hawks catch an updraft, circling directly overhead. One was smaller than the other and I made up it was parent and offspring. As I watched them, I came to notice a third hawk way, way up in the sky. “OK,” I said to them. “I get it.” This is more than a message or a nudge. This is a request for my commitment to partner with them.  They are telling me it is time to soar and glide with the currents of life and they will be my willing guides.

A hummingbird darted toward me in a warning posture. I figure it must be protecting young ones in a nearby nest.

Teaching young ones to fly, protecting nests and boundaries, blossoming wildflowers reaching for the sun. ..sounds just like us.  We reach for nurturing and illumination. We are wild. We want to soar and we would like a little guidance and love along the way.

If we are to self-actualize, we need to feather our nests in alignment with our body, mind, spirit and heart. We need to protect that nest with the fierce bravery of the hummingbird; create our boundaries with a firm no when it serves us. We want to re-member our innocence and our wildness; give ourselves plenty of time each day to reach for that warm sun and glide on the current.

We are all familiar with the dreaded voice in our head that drives us all day long and the other one that says we deserve a pint of ice-cream for our efforts. What amazes me is how difficult it is for us to find that loving nurturing voice within.

The voice that cares about what’s really good for us.

The voice of the one who would soar right alongside us as we learn to fly.

The voice of the one who is patient and curious and can agree that this moment and this amazing blue flower with the delicate yellow center is all that matters right now. Everything else can wait.

The dreaded voice drives us out of our minds and out of this world. Hawks, hummingbirds, flowers and clouds go unnoticed.

The nurturing voice lovingly calls our souls home and makes everything about being in this world, including hawks, hummingbirds, flowers, clouds, you and me…a miracle.

What voice will you cultivate today?

copyright (c) April 2009, Kathy Loh, all rights reserved

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